Foundation is a Haskell project to implement a modern & performant standard library with various centrally maintained functionalities.

Haskell's base has been designed a while ago and shows its age. For better or worse, it's also really hard to change base, leading to many interesting but ultimately fruitless discussions, lots of wasted efforts, and/or duplicated pieces and libraries.

Also many core libraries, which brings lots of welcome modern additions to the language (text, bytestring, vector, & many others), are maintained on the side, without coordination. For example bytestring and vector doesn't share any code.

Foundation is trying to provide a solution to those technical and maintainance limitations. The core ideas are:

  • Provide all the interesting modern core primitives (packed UTF8 strings, arrays, others) and have them works well together.
  • Improve types where possible; we don't want to be stuck on broken concepts because of compatibility
  • Improve classes where possible, for the same reasons.
  • Provide core types (e.g. uuid) by default with all the right instances and convertion functions, integrating well with the rest
  • Improve & modernize management using modern services by default, thus we use all the good services of:
  • github: for code, issues and discussions
  • cloud services for testing: travis, appveyor
  • documentation services: mkdocs